Mar 1, 2024 | Frames

5 Tips for Helping Your Child Adjust to New Glasses

Mar 1, 2024 | Frames

5 Tips for Helping Your Child Adjust to New Glasses

If your child needs glasses, it can be a big adjustment for both of you. They might feel self-conscious or uncomfortable wearing them at first, which can lead to resistance and frustration. However, with a little patience and some helpful tips, you can help your child adjust to their new glasses and make the transition as smooth as possible. 

1. Make it a positive experience 

When you show your child their new glasses, make sure to highlight how much they’ll benefit from wearing them. Explain that glasses will help them see better and do things they enjoy without difficulty.  

2. Encourage them to wear their glasses consistently 

In the beginning, your child might find wearing glasses uncomfortable or even annoying. But it’s important to encourage them to wear their glasses as prescribed by the doctor. Start with shorter periods and gradually increase the time until your child is wearing them all day long. 

3. Be patient 

Adjusting to new glasses takes time and patience from both you and your child. If your child complains about discomfort or headaches at first, reassure them that it’s normal and give them time to adjust. Don’t force them to wear the glasses if they’re experiencing discomfort. Instead, talk to their eye doctor about potential adjustments or alternative options. 

4. Include them in the selection process 

When you let your child pick frames that match their personality or interests, it makes the selection process more fun. It helps them feel like they’re in control and gets them excited about wearing glasses. 

5. Celebrate their milestones 

When your child reaches certain milestones, like being able to wear their glasses comfortably all day long or reading without difficulties, celebrate their achievements. Praise their hard work and let them know how proud you are of them. 

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